Are you nearing retirement age?  Or are you thinking about purchasing a second home with the ultimate aim of it becoming your full-time home when you retire?  Here are some tips to keep in mind when searching for that home.


Look for a Single-Story Property

Having everything you need located on one level makes life easier, particularly as you age.  Avoiding stairs can also help you avoid trips and falls and can prove to be quite beneficial in the long run. 

A Location That Will Suit Your Future Needs

Location should play a critical role in deciding where to buy a property. There are factors to consider such as the climate, availability of optional utilities like internet and cable, and conveniences such as healthcare, shopping, outdoor space and entertainment venues.  If you plan to have friends and family visit, you may want to find a home with easy access to transportation or the city, where you can attend cultural events or check out the newest restaurants or fun activities. 

Space for You – And Your Partner

Regardless of age, everyone needs company at times, as well as private, quiet space.  Don’t forget that your partner may not always want to be doing the same thing as you.  Make sure there's room for two so that you and your other half can stay close to each other – but not too close for comfort!  A spare bedroom that can be used as an office or sewing room or sitting room can provide just the space you need to make your house a happy home.

Showers vs. Bathtubs

Consider a walk-in shower or a familiar type of bath style rather than traditional bathtubs or jetted tubs. Having a bathtub/shower combo is much more preferable, as they allow an easy point of entry. Bathtubs can prove to be difficult to get in and out of, particularly soaking tubs or jetted tubs with their higher and wider sides and deeper tubs.

Bigger Hallways and Entryways

Tight hallways have never done anyone any favors. Look for a home that offers hallways and entryways that you can spread your arms in without butting into things or knocking items over unintentionally. Not only will you have more room to welcome guests, but if the need for a wheelchair, walker or cane comes up later, you will have room to navigate with your new assistance equipment.

Home Security

Give some thought to a gated community for an extra measure of security.  Look into emergency alert systems.  Many new construction communities offer the option of alarm buttons or pull cords in various spots throughout the home that will automatically send a call for help.  You can also add these services when you feel the need. 

Don’t Forget Fido and Fluffy

Pets are like our children, we love them and can’t imagine a life without them (even when they’re naughty).   A retirement home without your pet would surely feel empty. So if you have a pet(s) be sure they will be allowed if you purchase a home or condo in a community with a Homeowners Association. 

Ready to Start Your Search? When you’ve decided to start looking for that retirement property, let me know.  My team and I will help you find the perfect spot!