While we are having a super busy week with sales and new listings, we do want to take a moment to thank all our local heroes who have been putting themselves on the front lines the past several weeks. Both Nurse’s Day and Teacher Appreciation occur this week, and those two groups are certainly heroes! With Cinco de Mayo in the week’s mix of “events”, it would be remiss not to remember our food service workers and the grocery store employees who help get food to us as well. Add to the mix the truck drivers, factory workers, janitorial personnel, transportation workers, delivery drivers, first responders – we cannot forget them either. A huge THANK YOU to all (and to those who have accidentally been left off this list.)

We have much to be thankful for amidst the crisis, including our Yankee ingenuity and our compassion for our neighbors. Who knew so many people had sewing machines and would jump in to make masks? Who expected manufacturing companies and breweries to be willing and able to change course and produce much needed equipment and supplies? Who would have thought teens would offer to grocery shop and run errands for no pay at all?

We’ve come together as a community at large, and we’ve shown our compassion. We’ve celebrated our similarities and shared willingly of ourselves. We’ve been a support for those who must endure a permanent and capricious loss, and for those who are struggling to get through each day’s challenges.

As we move toward a “new normal”, let us remember how good it feels to help each other, and hold on to the knowledge that we have proven once again that we are Merrimack Valley Strong!