According to a recent study, the percentage of all buyers that will be first-time buyers looking to purchase a home grew from 58% at the end of 2018 to 63% at the end of 2019.  As you would probably expect, Millennials are the most likely generation to be making plans to purchase a home within a year, followed by Gen Z and Gen X.  Prospective buyers in the youngest two generations are primarily first-time buyers, while Millennials may be looking to “move up”.  Your home may just fit the bill!


With high demand from first-time homebuyers and a shortage of inventory in the current market, selling your existing home this year might be your best move.  With increased activity among buyers, you as a current homeowner have a great opportunity to sell your existing house now and move up into a new one – or “right size” into a home that better fits your current needs.


So if you’re ready to take advantage of low mortgage rates and a high demand for your existing home, let us know!  Our full service, full spectrum team is ready to help you with clean outs, donating and selling household items and furnishings, making repairs, updating, staging and more.  Let’s connect so we can discuss your options, review the local market in depth and help you prep your home to take advantage of the current market!