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Stretch your dollars with home improvements known to yield high returns. Whether you’re remodeling for your own pleasure or thinking ahead to listing your home, improvements  and updates represent a significant investment. Careful planning and decision-making can help you reap the best return on that investment (ROI).  You'll need to be realistic, also, as not all home updates recoup the entire value invested.  A lot of projects may be for deferred maintenance or normal wear and tear.  Don't mistake updating plumbing, electrical, carpeting or roofing as something that will necessarily give you back all you put into the project.  These are things a buyer will be looking for.  Just because your 26 year old roof isn't leaking or your furnace is still working but only at 65% efficiency doesn't mean it shouldn't be replaced.  Replacing items like this gives you peace of mind, saves on energy costs and will be appealing to a buyer - so more buyers will be interested in viewing your home.  You'll be in a position to get a higher price because buyers will see that you've maintained your home and taken care of things that need to be addressed as a responsible homeowner.


Almost anything that improves the exterior appearance of your home will catch a buyer's eye and can recoup a lot of its cost.  New energy efficient and modern looking entry doors, high end garage doors and stone veneer increase a homes value and recoup between 90 and 98% of their cost.  A quality constructed and sizable deck is always a big plus with a good ROI, both for visual appeal and for extending entertaining and living space.  New exterior siding is also a popular and cost effective update, especially low or no maintenance materials like vinyl siding, stone/brick veneers and composite siding like Hardy Plank (be sure to use a Hardy Plank certified installer so you won't void the warranty).  Replacement windows can approve both the appearance and energy efficiency of a home, making them another high return item.  Professionally updated and upgraded landscaping is also a great way to present a fresh and appealing property to prospective buyers.


Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.  Creating a plan and a budget are important, as is determining just what to tackle first.  And of course, give us a call to help you determine just what needs to be done and how to properly market your home so it will sell quickly and at the best possible price, so you can move on!