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Turkey Day Weather Report


Early Morning:

The temperature of the turkey will start out pretty cool, generally at about 35 degrees.  The temperature will rise gradually throughout Thanksgiving Day.   By 10 am the turkey will start to thaw and around 11 am the warm breeze from the oven fan will raise the temperature rapidly to 200 degrees.


Mid-Day Heat: By 12 noon not only will the turkey be warming up, but you may also notice an increase in humidity in the kitchen.  The cook’s temperature may reach fever levels, so beware of pestering the cook or you may set off a tornado in the kitchen.  People will be hot with anticipation of the ensuing turkey dinner.


Afternoon Forecast: By 2:30 pm the warm weather condition will have stabilized, and as a result the turkey will have tanned nicely.  Be prepared for a steady rain of tender turkey.  Watch out for plates made slippery by cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy. There may also be a heavy fall of wine into dry, parched mouths.


Evening Rumbles: Pressure may increase drastically around the waistband, consequently, storm warnings have been issued about indigestion.  The evening will see the turkey diminishing to leftovers that can be distributed to guests. As the day draws to a close you may experience turbulent conditions in the stomach.  Good news, the outlook is that the rumble of thunder in the intestine will pass by the weekend, helped dramatically by all the exercise you’ll get chasing Black Friday deals around the local mall!

Have a safe, happy and filling Thanksgiving!