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Have you wondered about those teal colored pumpkins you've undoubtedly seen alongside the traditional orange pumpkins while shopping?  You just might want to grab one.  Although started somewhat slowly back in 2012 to raise food allergy awareness, the Teal Pumpkin Project from the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) organization is now rapidly catching on.  The nationwide effort is designed to make Halloween more fun for children with food allergies and restrictions.  A teal pumpkin displayed at a house lets parents and trick-or-treaters know that a house is offering non-food treats as well as traditional candy and other foods.  It’s an easy way to help kids with life-threatening allergies feel safe, included and respected on one of a child’s favorite holidays.  Can’t find a teal pumpkin?  Just paint an orange or white pumpkin teal or print out a teal pumpkin and hang it on your door. 

Not sure what to offer that’s not food related?  That’s easy! Kids love spider rings, bouncy balls, glow-sticks, Halloween-themed pencils and stickers, stamps, bubbles and all sorts of items you can often buy in bulk for even less than bags of chocolate and lollipops.  Keep the food and non-food treats in separate containers to avoid contamination and to allow the ghosts and goblins to safely select their treats.  Kids with gluten sensitivity and diabetes also benefit from having a non-candy option.

So add that teal pumpkin to your Halloween decorations and get ready to hear happy choruses of “Trick or Treat.”  The kids (and their parents) will appreciate your concern and willingness to make the night fun for everyone!

Finally: Check out this list of candy that is somewhat allergy-friendly:

Happy Haunting!