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Summer is fast approaching, and for many people that means house guests will soon be arriving.  Here are some tips to create a welcoming haven for your guests without spending a whole lot of time, money or energy (shhhhh, they won’t know if you don’t tell them).

Take a look around your guest room and think as if you are entering a vacation space.  What would you like to see in a hotel room or B&B? Then that’s where you need to start!

  1. Make sure your mattress is comfy.  You don’t have to spend hundreds to buy a new mattress, you can just add a mattress topper. They start at about $50 and are available in all sizes and materials.
  2. Add nice bedding, such as sheets with detailed stitching, extra pillows of various sizes, shapes and thicknesses, fluffy towels,even generic bathrobes that you can purchase for little money.  And if you use those coupons for retailers like Bed, Bath & Beyond or Wayfair, you’ll save even more while making a big impact!
  3. Help your guests block out road or house noise with an ambient sound machine and provide a bedside fan.
  4. While not everyone likes to watch tv in bed, make sure your guests have the option to sit up late or catch the early news by having a smart TV in the room.  Prices of these TVs have come down to super affordable prices and will allow your guests to sign into their own streaming channels. Better yet, provide your guests with your streaming channel login info,as well as your WIFI login information. Few of us can stand to be far from our devices these days.
  5. Add some personal touches that show you really care about your guests!  A basket of toiletries, a couple bottles of water, some fresh flowers, and some snacks or a sampler size box of chocolates will definitely be well received!